Abby's Haircut and Life!

When your hair looks like this most of the time...it's time to CUT! :) While I loved pulling her hair all up in ponies, she wouldn't leave them in, resulting in lots of big hair for a tiny face!

So yesterday, we headed to Kids Hair, where she could be strapped down and entertained...LOL! So worth the extra price as she didn't even cry (I was shocked). She had ELMO (Elmo and Abby are all time favorites!) on TV...
A slinky:
AND bubbles for this adorable new cut! Laughed when she put in ponies which the holders (what are they called?!) ended up on her TOES as soon as we got in the car! :)
SO CUTE and SO GLAD I cut it! I have always had short hair and I think I just may be a mom who keeps my daughter's hair short not too.
What else have we been up too? WELL...baseball is in full swing and both boys are playing traveling which keeps me BUSY. Keeping Abby entertained so I can attempt to WATCH the game is also an art! :)
Unfortunately most of the games have been played in weather like this:
Thank goodness we bought a tent/awning thingy last year! Spent too many games getting wet and it was the best $50 we have spent at Wally World! :)
Home Plate was in a PUDDLE!

Luckily, Abby was with Dad at this game. Dad was going to take a turn with Abby at a tournament because it was closer and easier than Sam's. Well, Josiah's got cancelled and so daddy didn't get to do the chase after all...HA! He got to have Abby home and on a day like this, that was perfect!

I don't even have a picture of them playing! No time for the camera this year! :)

The other fun thing is Josiah chose the Alto Saxophone for band next year. I was surprised as he is a drummer. He has drummed in a band since 2nd grade and we have a full size trap set for him, so when he came home with the saxophone news, I was a little perplexed. BUT...I use to play the saxophone and immediately called the guy who had bought my old sax! :) Josiah said, "Your old sax? That thing must be RUSTY and OLD!" Thanks, honey! Well, he was sort of right, the lacquer on it is in rough shape. But, we have it at the shop now to get all fixed up and shiny with some new pads. I think it's fun to have him learn on the same one I did!

My other news is that I have FINALLY started exercising! I am actually on Week 7 of a walk to run program and have been consistent with my work outs! I got a jogging stroller cheap and Abby and I have been exercising about 3 times a week. I never thought I could be a runner because of my knee issues. Taking it slowly and taking my Arbonne Joint/Tissue Supplement have worked great! Speaking of Arbonne...I also joined a 30 Day Fit Challenge at the beginning of April. These products are AMAZING!!!
Not only have I lost the weight I wanted to, I have my energy back!!! All the vitamins are making such a difference. They have a product called, "Fizzy Tabs" that have replace my Diet Coke COMPLETELY! I get a good 4-5 hour, much healthier boost from these! I also gave up COFFEE and drink the Detox Tea instead. So great to have the energy to KEEP UP WITH ABBY! Having a toddler and turning 40 were BIG motivators for me! My next goals are to run in race (something I have NEVER even wanted to do but now am excited): 1 mile in June, 2 mile race in July and then my ultimate goal... a 5K (w/out stopping to walk is my goal)!

Oh..and I am now an Arbonne Consultant! :) Selling enough to afford the products for my family has been my goal and so far it is working! This business would be an amazing way for adoptive families to earn extra cash! Email me if you are interested in learning more! I am having so much fun just sharing the products that have been an answer to my prayers!

Well, that is all the news I have time to share for now. Abby is wanting me to do a puzzle!