Trust and Faithfulness

I just had to record another God provision. January has been a challenging month financially and I have been fighting fear at times. Hate that I do that! In those moments, I was looking at the "reality" of mounting medical bills, etc. and the circumstances. God has been speaking to me so clearly about just keeping my eyes on him and trusting him with ALL. Trust...Prov. 3:5-6...lean not on my own understanding but in all my ways ackowledge him and he will set my path straight. God is so good to speak through praying friends. Look at this email I got on Jan. 13 when I was starting to worry:

I saw you standing, looking at a calendar with anxiety on your face. God wants you to remember to "live in the moment. This is God's economy. All things in the world belong to him.
How are you today? Are your needs being met? Do not worry about tomorrow,
because tomorrow will take care of itself. Rejoice and praise me for today.
Trust me for tomorrow." 

That word was JUST what I needed and I have had such peace ever since while remaining steadfast with my eyes on Jesus. I have been praying things like... I know you did not call us to this adoption to have the medical bills eat us up. Lord...she needs speech therapy and the insurance is saying they don't cover it...please fight the battle for us.....etc. (our dr. is writing an appeal and I am praying for favor for that).

Wasn't sure how, but I know that is why it's called faith. Learned that so much through the adoption process!!! He is always so faithful! So today, Scott comes in from getting the mail and says, "Look at this Jenny...what good timing this is!" There is a REFUND FROM OUR ESCROW that made my jaw drop and my lips PRAISE! Thank you God!!!! 

I pray this testimony of provision in for you too! God is faithful to provide as we step out into His Kingdom and do the work He sets before us. "Seek first the kingdom...." This famous statement of Jesus tells us where our ultimate priority should lie: in service to God. Instead of worrying about all of the myriad problems that face us from day to day, we ought to simply commit to God--and He promises to provide for us. When we put God at the center of our lives and direct everything we do toward His service, He rewards us with all of the other things we need.

Matthew 6:33

33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


International Princess Project Update 2010

This video is really well done and eye-opening! Curious if any of my India bloggers are a part of this ministry?


Sports Weekend!

 Josiah's Fan ("iah")
It was a great weekend of basketball! Josiah's team came up with their first WIN! Josiah scored the point to tie it up, they went into OT and won by 1 point....it was exciting! Then they won their second game too! Very fun after all the not-so-good games they've had this season! :) Sam's team won 2 out of 3 games this weekend and took 3rd Place in their tournament. We got home today in time to watch the football game....which proved to be very sad for the 2 Bears' Fans in our house. So, guess you could sum it up by saying we had a busy weekend of sports!

I heard a miracle testimony that I have to share. My friend, Kristi, who has been fighting cancer (brain tumor) skyped the Bethel prayer room on Sat. morning. We have friends who are at a conference in Redding, CA and arranged this time of prayer for Kristi. She had lost most of her sight (due to the radiation) in the last month and today she said it was 30% better and could see the words to the songs on the screen at church!!! Praise God!

Abby had her 2 year check up this week. I was a little bummed that she didn't make the growth chart for weight (shouldn't be surprised with how little this girl likes to eat...with the exception of rice and mac and cheese). I had taken her off Pediasure thinking maybe that was filling her up too much to where she didn't want food. Dr. suggested to do 6-8 oz. of Pediasure again. She is 21.5 lbs and 32 inches which is a 6 1/2 lb. increase and 3 inches of growth in 5 months! I just can't believe how much she is changing! Her hair is getting so long. No more grey either (literally she had grey hair strands....doc. said malnutrition causes this). Finally found something she will keep in her hair for a headband...PREWRAP! Remember the pre-wrap that goes around ankles b/f adding tape if you have a sprain? Well, they make it in all sorts of colors now and girls are using it in their hair. Decided to give it a try for Abby and IT WORKS! I think it is light enough that she forgets it. :)

The dr. also suggested that we get private speech therapy going in addition to the school district langauage therapy she gets once a week. She is not able to get the concept of blowing or sucking a straw. We thought it was cute when she tried to blow her birthday candles out by blowing air out her nose, however. We have been working on blowing bubbles and opening her mouth to blow like crazy. Didn't realize that would be such a hard thing to do! She can't say the first consonants that are suppose to come, either because of this issue...b and p's require that burst of air to come out. A cute thing she does say now is, "Scott!" (daddy). Can't really type it like she says it, but more like COT! Guess she is just imitating me. :) Still love Josiah="iah", Sammy="ammy" and the way she is turning everying into a gun and shouting, "Moom, Moom" for Boom, boom. Yes, she has older brothers! :)


Operation Smile

Last night I had the privilege of being able to show Abby to 800+ Powerlife and the Catalyst Students at our church (www.hosannalc.org). Their offering money is going to Operation Smile (www.operationsmile.org) and I got to "bring it home" for them by showing them a child from India (Abby!) who was dramatically transformed through a cleft surgery. Did you know in developing countries there are 4.7 million unrepaired clefts?! A simple surgery that takes 45 min. and costs less than $250 is the only thing standing in the way. Operation Smile just returned from a 2 week trip in India where they fixed 200 clefts (500 applicants were screened) in two weeks. I was able to share with the kids that it not only helps in appearance, it transforms their lives socially. Most families are ostracized and the kids are not allowed to go to school. They are teased relentlessly..."cut lip". The best documentary on this is Smile Pinki which Smile Train filmed about a 5 year old girl whose life was transformed through a cleft surgery (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CamEXQ8x72c).
I was on my blog designer's personal blog and saw a list of children she is advocating for (http://waitingchildreninchina.blogspot.com/). Seeing 3 year old children who have not been adopted and the only "special need" is their cleft lip/palate, makes me so sad. A child's unrepaired cleft can be intimidating to see, but really... it's ONE surgery and their appearance is transformed. It is a committment as far as ongoing care but OH SO WORTH IT! Just look at our sweet Abby and you'll agree! :)


Katelyn's Fund T-shirts

I just LOVE my Katelyn's Fund T-shirt and wanted to post this email they sent out in case you want one too!!! Blessings! Jenny
Just wanted to pass along that we still have plenty of  Katelyn's Fund t-shirts available....I am wearing one today, so comfy 
Please read the previous email below and let Tammy know if you would like to order one at tammy@katelynsfund.org 

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year and that He is encompassing your days and providing all things needed in Him.

In Him,



Welcome to my NEW BLOG! We are in a new season as a family and I decided to mark it with a new blog/theme! 

Why "Bridges"?
This is a picture Sam drew in Jan. of 2009 that we sent to all our adoption supporters.

One of the things I have realized as I look back to the summer of 2008 when our adoption journey began, was how the Lord was speaking to me through bridges. Our picture when we started our adoption journey of faith was of a bridge that wasn't built YET! We knew it was going to be built by FAITH (Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see). We had to take the first step and as soon as we stepped out God built the bridge under each step! Although we would have loved to see how and when, it was the walk of faith that built our faith and our trust in the Lord. There is nothing quite like stepping out in a dream that YOU CAN'T DO and ONLY GOD CAN! Then God gets ALL the GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE for OUR FAMILY:
 This was taken at the orphanage right after they placed Abby in our arms!
August 5, 2010-Our Family UNITED by God and the bridge to India was complete

OR at least ONE was!

I don't think one can possibly go to an orphanage and not leave your heart with all the kids. I have such a vivid memory of holding Abby in our arms, knowing she was going HOME to a family while the rest of them looked up at me with such big eyes! 

I could hardly sleep that night and just cried. Don't get me wrong...I was so grateful for God calling us to Abby and the one that HE placed in our family. BUT...there are so many more orphans...kids without a mom and dad that are longing for family. My answer..."Lord continue to use Our Family to speak about the miracle of adoption." With cute little Abby on my hip...I have tons of open doors for talking about adoption!!! :)

Unfortunately, adoption is not going to be the answer for all the orphans in this world...you've heard the stats...147 million! There are more bridges to be built to orphans!!! This picture is now my "life map" as there are so many ministry opportunities that are so good. However, my "filter" if you will, is now orphan and adoption ministry. 

So, I leave this first post on my new blog with my simple prayer, "Lord, please use Our Family to build bridges to orphans!" Amen!