Catching Up!

I have had a terrible time getting to write in my blog lately. Could it be a busy 2 year old that keeps my time full? I think so! :) She was getting so much better about sleeping through the night and then I went to Georgia! Oh well, it was so worth it. I needed that time away at the Created for Care Retreat to be filled up and God used the trip in so many ways! I met 2 awesome gals from South Dakota in the airport bathroom...LOL! I had my Simply Love India shirt on so I was an easy spot for two moms heading to the retreat. Loved having lunch with getting to know Jodi and Teresa! They both have adopted from Ethiopia and Jodi is adopting again. 

Then I met Danielle in the shuttle line and ended up hanging out with her right up to catching our different flights at the gates. Was so blessed to meet her. They are sitting at 18 on the AGCI Ethiopia wait list for Little Sis! 
Danielle and I then met Heather and Kim at the retreat and we had such a blessed time together. 
Danielle, Heather, Kim and myself:
 One of my favorite memories from the weekend happened Sat. night at the restaurant. Kim, Danielle and I decided we just couldn't have our heartstrings ripped out anymore by watching the Uganda orphan movie (or maybe that is just my feeling) and we had a conversation that led to the Lord moving in such a powerful way. God is SO GOOD!

 Since I only had my phone, this is all the better I can do right now to show this awesome blog friend, Amy. Amy's daughter, Taylor, really touched my heart during our process as she truly prayed for Abby to come home! God heard her prayers and answered them in mighty ways!!!
 My room view...so awesome to see grass again (even if it was brown). 40-50's felt so warm compared to the negative temperatures we were having in MN!
 They had an amazing time, called "Date with God" where we used painting and playdough as a part of time to express ourselves and listen to the Lord. I was amazed at what the Lord showed me. The hand picture literally just started coming as I pick up the brush. For someone like me that has anxiety when faced with painting...it was a God moment!  

 EVERY DETAIL was amazing from the adorable centerpieces to the give-aways. I was so blessed to win this bracelet! It says one of my favorite scriptures, "Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere."!

This is a very sweet gal, Kristi, who has such a big heart for orphans and was someone who was so encouraging to me during our very long wait! LOVED meeting Kristi! Another fun moment was asking her about her agency for her 2nd adoption now from ET, CCI and then the Lord using that same agency to help my friend's adoption the very same week!!! Speaking of which, have to point you to the blog that my sweet blog make-over lady created for our churchs' ministry in Hosanna, Ethiopia! My friend, Marybeth, just got back from another mission trip and I am so excited for all that God is doing and how in the future, we will be helping orphans there!

So much in my mind and I really have a hard time putting it all in words. Maybe I'm just not suppose to have them. In a way, I feel like I have been put in a cocoon since bringing Abby home. This cocoon for me is very good and the Lord is using it to have me grow in my knowledge, love and trust of the Lord. I know that I am being prepared for the "next season". During a prayer time, a friend saw 2 pictures. One was of me being in a tunnel (good way) and very safe and protected. She said the Lord is preparing me and teaching me (she didn't have any idea that I was feeling this way as she had been in Africa for 2 months and we hadn't talked!). The next picture was of Pixie Sticks. Remember these?!
She said she saw them all dumped out and I was trying to pick one up at a time...very careful as to which one I selected. This was such a confirmation as in many ways. I just can't do all the things I use to do and I am learning to be okay with that. This season has been full of different ministry (and parenting is the highest calling!) coloring (learning to like this...even busting out some creativity blending colors..ha), playing with Abby's dollhouse, ECFE drop-in play-dates, and BOOKS-BOOKS-BOOKS...all with pictures! Doctor visits, speech therapy appointments, and 2 boys in travel basketball all fill in the empty spots on the calendar AND IT's GLORIOUS!!! I am loving every minute of it!!!!

However, while I am first a child of God, a wife and a mother, I also know that I have a calling on my life to the orphans. What exactly this looks like, I don't know. I could guess, but I really am okay just enjoying each day and learning to live for the Kingdom. Learning more and more, that "My life is not my own" and I need to let go of everything to truly live. That is the beauty of the upside down Kingdom principle....I let go and HE GIVES! I am BLESSED and so incredibly THANKFUL!

Abby is up...no time to proof. Please excuse errors! Please pray for Abby....she is on day 4 of respiratory sickness and I am in the decisions of wondering if we can wait for the doc. until Monday! :(


Precious Domestic Adoption Video

So much going on...want to blog but just don't seem to get to the computer to get my thoughts down! BIG accomplishments last week were getting our taxes turned in AND ABBY'S ADOPTION PAPERWORK submitted to court! Both were administratively a challenge for me so it feels SO GOOD!!!!!

Had to share this precious video! Met these sweet peas in Georgia too!!!!


Created to Care

This adoptive mommas retreat has been amazing! The speakers are not only knowledgeable, they are anointed and Spirit-filled believers that are really pouring into to us. Since I don't have a lot of time, I do want to list some of the things that have struck me:

-P.Y.D.= Pray Your Dream (Ask God to do the miracles....like providing $ for adoption!)

-The need is great, but it must be accompanied by the call (according to scripture, as believers we are all called to the orphans BUT the response looks different for everyone). Adoption is the BEST BLESSING EVER...but there have been many struggles that I was able to pray through because of the call to adopt by God and the trust that He is able to move that mountain.

-It's about the GENERATIONS who will be changed for the Lord as we adopt these children and raise them in the knowledge and love of the Lord. Mark 10:29-receive 100 fold blessings-claim the promises!

-Matt 19:29- I need to pray through this one...putting it here as a reminder:)

-There's no message without a mess and there's no testimony without a test.

-Pick a verse for each child (involving the kids if they are older) and pray that verse for the child for a year.

-Remain open for God's plan for your family.

-Develop a strong support system. Ask for help.

-Have a quiet time with your kids where they see mom in the word. They can read any books or even put on a Bible DVD.

-Making your relationship with your husband PRIORITY.

-Identify a friend that you can pray for each other's children on a regular basis.

-I can't but God can. When embraced, God's biggest blessing comes.

Okay...out of time. That was just from Friday night! :)


Treating myself to a ReTREAT!

3 more days and I'll be heading to Georgia for the weekend (thanks to India frequent flyer miles...my 1st free ticket. I am such a big girl now! HA )...by myself, to meet other blog friends who share my passion for adoption and orphan care. My husband has no idea what he is sending me to....hanging out with these women just could be dangerous...LOL!  It's called "Created for Care". So many of the women used the same adoption agency we did, All God's Children Intl. and were amazing support to me during our long wait. So excited to meet them in person! The social butterfly in me can't wait for all the speakers, PJ party, etc. BUT there is a part of me that is also excited for THIS:
Doesn't this place look gorgeous!
 OH how I hope the weather is nice!!! It has to be nicer than tonight's -20 to -30 degree windchill!!!!
On Sat. while I am at this retreat, it will be the 6 month anniversary of Abby being home! Normally, I would never think of going off for the weekend and flying somewhere by myself but this whole passion for orphans has made me different in many ways! This was an opportunity I just knew I couldn't miss and felt the Lord's hand upon it. We'll see what HE has in store. I know Scott, the boys and Abby will be blessed with their time too (I will miss them tho!!!). I am looking forward to getting my "bucket refilled"(loved Andrea's blog post...the woman who has pulled this off) and the fellowship with these ladies!!! Hey, it's the South...I am sure I'll get a taste of some Good Ole' Southern Hospitality! :)