Back to School...

Well, big week as our boys started their last year of middle school and last year of elementary school! They were both ready to get back and see all their friends. My favorite line from the week came from Josiah in explaining that the music teacher asked him to come see her after class. His immediate response to her was, "I am so sorry. I am just so excited to be back in school and see all my friends again. It was wrong of me to be talking in class and I won't do it again." You might be thinking..SUCK UP...and you'd be right. But, I also was proud of him for looking her in the eye and apologizing. AND...he was very excited. Here is Josiah leaving for the first day of school:

Sam on the other hand was LESS than thrilled to have me take his picture commenting that I shouldn't do that anymore. I told him I would still be taking pictures in HS of his first day and he just didn't have a choice. The sign was really pushing it:

 My little HAM!
 We all get to go to the bus stop with Josiah. Last year for that!
Abby spent the entire day asking about "Mam Mam (not sure how Sam became a "sam sam") and Iah". She and I have been keeping busy with the park, zoo, speech therapy and running with Mom (which Abby has decided she does not like so well now. She says, "No, no, no, no!" as soon as I start changing to run). BUT...have to keep plugging away on my exercise program. Have not exercised for this many months in a long time. Made my goal of running of 5K at the end of August and even ran it in 26:33. Surprised myself even! :)
 My "Moms on the Run" Group
A few other photos to share:
 The boys both had sleep-overs at friends so Scott and I decided to do something that was Abby-focused (vs. her always coming along to the boys' events)! While at the MOA, I told Scott we should stop at the American Doll Store to see what she thinks of Bitty Babies. His face was PRICELESS. He said that going from two boys who love Fleet Farm to the American Girl Store was culture shock! :)
 So last night Abby picked out her PJ's when dad was changing her and he went with it. This is what she picked out because she is still a huge ELMO fan:
 BUT now we need to mix in DORA because I just let her see that show recently and she loves it. The "backpack" and Dora shoes are such a nice look for her, huh! Cracked me up!!!! Oh...and unfortunately the "Elmo" underwear is over the top of her diaper. She actually freaks out about her potty chair so I haven't pushed it!
 Grandpa and Abby at the zoo today:
 Last day of summer:

We start the Fall Mom's on the Run Class in the a.m. so I better get to bed. Blessings Blog Friends!