Goals for the New Year

So excited to be on my way for my goals for the New Year. My first one is to fight to keep on track with my health-eating and exercising. While "fight" may sound a bit dramatic, in the midst of the kids' busy schedules and work, it feels like I need to fight with my own will-power to continue to stay strong and MAKE the time to workout! Arbonne products and becoming a consultant to help afford them, have been a HUGE blessing to me. Was never able to maintain this weight that I have lost previously. That feels good. I am already signed up for 2012 Moms on the Run to continue to be able to run with this group of women that I have really enjoyed and help keep me accountable. Scott started exercising when he turned 40 too and he is my biggest source of accountability/help. He is so dedicated to getting to our little Snap Fitne** that we joined. Love that and I am hoping we'll even run a race together this year. NEVER thought we'd EVER do that (or even desire to)! :)

I would like organization to be a goal but not sure I'll tackle that one yet...we'll see.

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!
The next BIG one is MEALS! I need to budget better and PLAN! So to make this happen I just joined E Mealz and I am really excited! I have heard so many good things and I'm ready to jump in! I thought they only had plans for Ald*'s and my hubby is not a A*** fan! Well, this weekend I finally checked it out and learned that they have a meal plan for just about everything! I signed up for the Walmart Low Fat Cooking plan (but heard you can shop anywhere for convience and still save due to just having a plan) and am excited! Even found a Groupon that saved money on my subscription!

So....will report back if my cooking life gets transformed!!! I sure need this HELP!!!! Who knows, MAYBE I'll even start LIKING cooking cuz last year at this time I NEVER even dreamed that I would RUN let alone LIKE IT! :)
Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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  1. Great job! My husband also took up running last year, and is back at it (following the Christmas busyness) as of January 1. I love doing strength training, so that's my thing. Let me know how the e-meals work out -- I'd never heard of that plan before.