Happy Birthday Abby!

I have to say that when a child comes in your arms at 18 months....3 years old comes really fast. Especially when she was a tiny 15 pounder that wore 3-6 mo. clothes! AMAZED at all the growing she has done in this short amount of time! Thankful that she has now been HOME as long as she was in the orphanage....a milestone. While I know there are still things to work through, I am so please with how far she as come. She will now let me leave the room and keep playing at times. Just this week, she has gone upstairs two times to lie down (in our bed to watch TV) without anyone else upstairs! Yesterday, I set a plate of rice for her to eat and watched her get up in the chair. I continued on in the kitchen to try to figure out what in the world to make quickly for everyone, looked over and NO ABBY! Scott and I looked puzzled...still not use to her not being on my leg, let alone missing! We went up to our room and we found a proud Abby eating her rice and watching Elmo! Cracked us up! I posted a pic. on fb but just realized it's on my phone so I can't post it here!

Another thought/reflection I have in my mind on her birthday is how Abigail means "A Father's Joy" and just how much I enjoy watching Scott's face light up when he is with Abby. So do her brothers...words can't express how this momma feels seeing them all together! Adding a toddler to our family again has brought so much joy! The thought that "we could have missed this" is never far from my mind. There were so many things that seemed to be mountains along the journey and I am just so thankful that the Lord gave us the faith to believe and know that this was His will. Just heard the song that I use to listen to OVER AND OVER and was reminded again..."Our Savior"...HE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS! AMEN!!!!

Daddy helping Abby to blow out her candle!
Silly Daddy!

MN in January...crazy warm weather!
Abby is also starting to talk so much more!!! We still don't know if she will need the surgery for her speech as she hasn't had enough language to determine if she will get her sounds out without the nasality. However, it's still shocking to hear her answer a question back! We have never questioned her receptive language...she understands everything! So fun to hear her responses tho! I enrolled her in an early childhood class for two year olds and her school speech teacher comes to the parent/child separation time to help Abby learn from other kids her age who are talking. I think it's working! Taking a break from private speech therapy until we get more language under her belt. I got a little tired of taking her to therapy and having her NOT talk! I do have to say I learned a lot and am comfortable being the "home speech therapist" for now! Our ENT didn't agree with the break but I was able to convince him that my idea was a good one for now..LOL!

So that concludes my random thoughts for today but I'll post some more pictures...

Abby's favorites...Dora, Wonder Pets and M's!

The amazing Mrs. Paider Cake!!!

Family Bday Party!

Our neighbor Lillie came over with a gift...so sweet! What a blessing to have a little girl who is also adopted live right next door!

Abby's cousin! So fun that they were able to play together last week! Wish she lived closer!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy Birthday to a lovely 3-year-old! I loved reaching the point where our daughter had been with us as long as she had been in the orphanage -- and she just continued to open up like a flower after that time especially. I am excited to see how Abby is relaxing into her relationships with you. She is such a bright little ray of sunshine!

  2. Happy Birthday to Abby! Jen- she is so beautiful, and the difference in a year is SO amazing. Love following along and seeing what amazing things the Lord has planned for her. Will miss u so much at C4C this March (sure you don't want to make a last minute reservation?), but will be thinking about you! Hugs- Kim

  3. I know this is late, but happy birthday Abby!!! :)